Projektnummer: 101016926

Call: IBA-SwafS-Support-1-2020

Coordinator: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)


EPICUR is seeking funding to establish its complementary research agenda in order to expand its breadth to include research, innovation and interaction with society. We will be addressing all four corners of the European knowledge square: Education, Research, Business, and Society.

We are convinced that future « EPICUR research » can make a difference in the following ways:

  • As our alliance believes that international collaboration fosters scientific and societal progress, we will develop a joint research agenda and deploy an inter- and transdisciplinary approach to tackle pressing research questions, which we call EPIChallenges.
  • EPICUR identified early career researchers as the primary target group to experiment with new formats for virtual networking and shaping their academic careers. They will be invited to co-create the EPICommunity, a new social media network based on an attractive gamification design. This network will offer new tools that will help raise the visibility of scientific achievements and skill sets, as well as facilitating blended mobility.
  • EPICUR researchers will be encouraged to team-up in EPIClusters, experimental open research formats to tackle EPIChallenges together with partners from sectors outside academia and to pilot the sharing of the consortium’s cutting-edge research infrastructures.
  • As proud member of the first cohort of European Universities alliances, EPICUR will build intelligent connections to our peer alliances in EPIConnect, to facilitate the preparation of joint policy recommendations for shaping the Universities of the Future.

As a result, EPICUR will contribute to the further shaping the European Universities – Be EPICURious!

See the article on SwafS-call written by Annette Kollefrath-Persch (ALU-FR)