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Mental Health

The mental health of Doctoral Researchers has been increasingly analysed during the last years, often with alarming results.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Take a moment, sit back, breathe and relax.
We all know that doing a PhD can be really challenging, not only scientifically but also on the personal side. There have been enough studies talking about “we need to pay attention to our students' mental health” [1], and that’s good. Mental health is a topic that is often overlooked or even dismissed. Very often we have to deal with the feeling of constant failure, impostor syndrome, heavy expectations and it is just overwhelming. Also, the requirements for a good PhD such as learning a lot of new things and dealing with many complex and large projects combined with stressful situations in the lab and private life can sometimes make it hard to cope. Add to that the whole process of moving to another country, as around 40% of is Doctoral Researchers in the Helmholtz Association have [2] – leaving friends and family behind. And that can be an additional burden to carry. 

You are not alone!
Let’s face it: you have probably experienced at least one of these real bad moments during your PhD. So, the first thing we want to make sure you know is that you are not alone. Especially during these crazy recent times of a worldwide pandemic. Let us not ignore the importance of staying healthy in both mind and body.

Mental Health Awareness Month
The Helmholtz Juniors wants to invite you to join us this October for our Mental Health Awareness month!

Let us together destigmatize mental health and do the first step together: Let’s talk about it! 

But also remember, help can be right there, with a very long and deep breath and a simple and easy chit chat with a fellow Doctoral Researcher who might have been there already and can share some experience.

And finally: you survived 100% of your worst days so far. Congratulations on that! So take a moment, sit back, breathe and relax. You deserve it.

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