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Information about Poster and Science Slam

Although we won't be having an official poster session, we will indeed have a get together / share your scientific poster space.

Meaning that your poster will hang for the complete duration of the meeting and can be reviewed by participants at any point. In order to improve the poster experience, here are a few guidelines

  • the format of your poster is free of your choice
  • please include a picture and current contact info, as there won't be a formal presentation, people interested in your poster could
  • reach you with questions or comments
  • be mindful that NextGen is a meeting from PhD students of different fields and areas of knowledge, so keep it simple but enganging

Science slam

Carl Sagan once said "We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows about science and technology", so lets change that with a interesting and really motivating science slam! Bring your best habilities as science communicator, entertain us and teach us something about your research or your areas of interest. Here you can find some info to follow:

  • you have a maximum of 5 minutes
  • audiovisual material is allowed but please inform the organisation team about it so we can help you in advance
  • you can use all props you like but you got to bring it yourself
  • the winner will be declared by popular vote
  • competitors can be individuals or teams
  • the conference language is English

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