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Data Visualisation

given by Dr. Kiara Aiello

Kiara Aiello holds a diploma in biology and a magister of science in environmental toxicology. She has been living and working in Germany since 2010. The biologist, who holds a doctorate in biology, conducts research at the University of Jena and is involved in environmental protection, especially in the area of ​​poisons and chemicals. Since 2016 she is more active in communicating Science and founded the first scientific communication network at the Friedrich Schiller Univerity.

Do you want to present your results to a broad audience in limited time? During this interactive course we will learn how to prepare and present scientific data in a way that reaches broad audiences. The course consists of short lectures, workshop elements, and discussions. The instructor is a scientific  communicator enthusiast and a climate reality leader; therefore in the course we will use data from the Climate Reality Project.