Project on a multi-hazard open platform for satellite based downstream services

Activity Code: SPA.2013.1.2-01
Project Reference: 606982
Coordinator: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt


PHAROS focuses on developing a sustainable, pre-operational open service platform which integrates space-based observation, communications and navigation technologies to provide innovative services for a wide variety of users and application domains. Multi-hazard applications such as the prediction/early detection of emergencies, population alerting, environmental monitoring, crisis management and risk assessment are managed through a single, user friendly interface, targeting several users (crisis managers, operators of critical infrastructures, insurance companies, scientific/academic).
Through a flexible, scalable and modular architecture, the platform will integrate the following services, which are broadly based on innovative technologies available within the consortium:

  • Satellite EO data access and in-situ sensors and processing;
  • Decision support services based on data fusion and situation assessment techniques;
  • A simulation platform for hazard modelling and risk assessment;
  • An alert message gat


  • Tecnosylva SL, Spain
  • Avanti communications LTD, United Kingdom
  • Space Hellas S.A., Greece
  • IQ wireless GmbH, Germany
  • Fundacion d´ecologia del foc I gestio d´incendis pau costa alcubierre, Spain
  • Stichting platform mobile messaging, Netherlands
  • Eutelsat S.A., France

More information

The project in CORDIS

Project details

Start Date: 2013-12-01
End Date:   2016-06-01
EU Contribution:
EUR 2 499 440
Total Costs:
EUR 3 422 706
Funding Scheme:
Small or medium-scale focused research project
Adm. Contact Person:

Cristina PARRAGA NIEBAL (Mrs.)
Programme Acronym: FP7-SPACE
Subprogramme Area: SPA.2013.1.2-01

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