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Thermochemical Storage of Solar Heat via Advanced Reactors/Heat exchangers based on Ceramic Foams

Project Reference: 300194
Activity Code: FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF
Coordinator:German Aerospace Center (DLR)


ThermoChemical Storage (TCS) involves the exploitation of the heat effects of reversible chemical reactions for the storage of solar heat. Among gas-solid reactions proposed for such an approach the utilization of a pair of redox reactions involving multivalent solid oxides has several inherent advantages that make it attractive for large-scale deployment.
The new concept introduced in the current proposal is instead of using packed or fluidized beds of the redox material as the heat storage medium, to employ ceramic foam structures made entirely or partially from the redox oxide materials. In this respect the proposal involves an Experienced Researcher (applicant) who is a specialist in the synthesis of advanced oxide redox powder materials and in the shaping/manufacture of advanced porous ceramic structures for demanding applications, to be hosted in a world-class research institute (host organization) that is a solar simulator/furnace/tower facilities owner, specialized in the design and construction of high-temperature solar reactors. The main research training objectives for the applicant are related with the acquisition of hands-on experience with the design, operation and requirements of this variety of real concentrated solar power facilities and systems available at the host institution that will be used as test bench for pilot scale testing and validation of the projects technological innovations.

The proposed concept combines the demonstrated technologies of ceramic volumetric receivers and structured solar reactors with the inherent advantages of foam structures and promotes them one step further to the development of an integrated receiver/reactor/heat exchanger configuration with enhanced heat storage characteristics, through a series of innovations to be implemented concerning new reactor/heat exchanger designs, enhanced incorporation of redox materials in the reactors structure and improved redox material compositions.

Project Details: 

Start Date: 2012-09-01
End Date: 2014-08-31
EU Contribution: EUR 224 462
Total Costs: EUR 224 462
Programme Acronym: FP7-People
Subprogramme Area: FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF
Funding Scheme: Intra-European Fellowships (IEF)
Administrative Contact Person: Georg BOEHM (Mr)