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Advanced Tools to Observe Magnetic and dynamical properties of Skyrmions and vortices down to the atomic scale

Activity Code: FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF
Project Reference: 622608
Coordinator:Karlsruher Institut für Technologie


Two decades after the giant magnetoresistance (GMR) discovery, spintronics research area has quickly led to significant progress in the field of magnetic storage. Now, a new challenge for this discipline is the implementation of new nano-radiofrequency devices liable to revolutionize telecommunication technologies. Developments of such devices require the implementation of new and highly specialized characterization tools combining a high spatial and temporal resolution in order to study the local dynamical properties of nanoscopic magnetic objects relevant for this issue.
Within this context, we propose to implement two innovative local probe experimental techniques able to probe the dynamical properties of magnetic structures in the radiofrequency range down to the atomic scale. One of these techniques will combine a radiofrequency excitation and detection with a spin polarized scanning tunneling microscope and will allow to perform local ferromagnetic resonance measurements. This technique is called ferromagnetic resonance scanning tunneling microscope (FMR-STM). The second technique we propose to use is called the time resolved spin polarized scanning tunneling microscope (TR-SPSTM). This technique combines a spin polarized scanning tunneling microscope with a pump probe electronic that allows to perform time resolved measurements. The magnetic objects we propose to study with these two experimental techniques are vortices and skyrmions, two structures particularly relevant for future low-power spintronics devices.