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Helmholtz & Friends is the Helmholtz Association’s new network, providing a platform for peers to come together and share their experiences of leadership, career development and talent management.


Talent management and the accurately fitting support for (future) leaders belong to Helmholtz Association's priorities. The Helmholtz Management Academy as well as our mentoring programme are  teaching skills and knowledge for using resources effectively in order to achieve rewarding goals. The core topics include strategic activities, organising structures and processes, and staff management. Helmholtz & Friends picks up these programme contents and offers flexible ways to deal with various leadership issues. The network supports professionals in research and academia in their career development and creates a platform for the trustful exchange of experiences among peers.

Who can take part?

Helmholtz Centre staff and staff or associates of programmes funded by the Initiative and Networking Fund, both past and present, past and present participants in the Helmholtz Management Academy and the Mentoring Programme "Taking the Lead" as well as other friends and partners of the Helmholtz Association. They all are invited to benefit from Helmholtz & Friends, to connect with each other and to make the network a vibrant community.  


We create a virtual space (on the HelmholtzConnect platform, via Twittwer, LinkedIn and Xing) and stage events (the annual Helmholtz & Friends Day or the one day compact workshops) where you can exchange views and pose questions on the topics of career development, leadership in science, and lifelong learning. Through Helmholtz & Friends you benefit from discussions with peers and experts, our coaches, various events, and up-to-date information on careers in research and science management.

What a great day! 

Thanks to everybody who made the Helmholtz&Friends Leadership Lab on June 14th, 2016, such an inspiring and fruitful event. We've got so much new input and ideas for our further work on Helmholtz's talent management. We are now compiling detailed documentation of this great example of the good things that can happen when clever pepole put their heads together. Get some ideas of the event. 

Apply now: Leadership@Helmholtz: compact

Helmholtz & Friends now offers you the opportunity to run your own small workshop on specific career questions and leadership challenges. Helmholtz & Friends provides the rooms and catering for workshops at its head office in Berlin. We also cover the costs for the trainer’s fees. You can get more information here.

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Get to know the Helmholtz talents and the Helmholtz talent management. You are invited to contribute to our blog Talentcampus. It addresses all those who care about leadership and career planning in science.