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Research Security in International Scientific Collaborations

At the same time, a paradigm shift has taken place over the past few years. The framework conditions for cooperation with certain countries are becoming increasingly complex and are subject to dynamic change.  In addition, many stakeholders are more aware of the risks of international research cooperation regarding, for example, the loss of know-how or the use of civilian research results for military applications ("dual use").

In order to support the Helmholtz Centers in their organizational development in this area, a call for proposals was launched in the Helmholtz Association's Initiative and Networking Fund in 2022 and 2023, called "Further development of Research Security in international scientific collaborations". As a supporting measure, the Head Office of the Helmholtz Association also organizes annual workshops on Research Security for networking and further education and for the exchange of "best practices" within the community.

The four three-year projects listed were selected for funding under the first round of calls (2022). Three additional projects were selected for funding in the second call in 2023 and will start in 2024. Information on these projects will be added to this page once they have started.

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