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Research campaigns

Targeted funding, combined strength: The research campaigns of the Initiative and Networking Fund.

In order to find holistic answers to the critical questions of our time, we have combined research projects into dedicated thematic programs with guaranteed long-term funding. However, it is crucial we remain agile and flexible so we can also respond quickly to immediate challenges. Our research campaigns therefore build bridges between our scientists at the Helmholtz Association and partners working in industry and academia. Together they strive to bring scientific findings and innovations to application as swiftly as possible.

Our research campaigns complement the research programs of the PoF, enabling us to research highly relevant topics in a timely, cross-program and solution-oriented manner.

We fund each campaign with around 17 million euros from the President's Initiative and Networking Fund for a period of about five years.

The first research campaigns are dedicated to the following topics:

  • Corona pandemic: recognition, management, prevention (start 2021)
  • Helmholtz Sustainability Challenge: concrete impulses for a sustainable future (start 2022)
  • The campaign on Transfer focuses on the question of how we can bring our knowledge and technologies to application even faster - for the benefit of the economy and society.

Corona pandemic: recognition, management, prevention

Die Helmholtz-Forschungskampagne zur Corona-Pandemie

Sustainability Challenge

Die Helmholtz-Forschungskampagne zu Sustainable Value Chains

Head Office Contact to the Helmholtz Sustainability Challenge Team

Andreas Schulze

Program Officer, Initiative and Networking Fund: Research cluster and strategic partnerships
Helmholtz Association

Sylvia Sibilak

Assistant Research Department
Helmholtz Association

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