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Senior Scientists

The Helmholtz Leadership Academy

Top-level research needs leadership: in the Helmholtz Academy, we offer management training for scientists. These Helmholtz Association programs complement the personnel development programs offered at the individual Helmholtz Centers.

Helmholtz Distinguished Professorship - Supporting the recruitment of top international women scientists (W3)

We support women at the top: With the Helmholtz Distinguished Professorship initiative, we specifically seek excellent, experienced female researchers from abroad for our upper management level. In this way, we not only promote equal opportunities within science, but also ensure even more international networking at Helmholtz.

Together with a partner university, we offer top women researchers a professorship at W3 level. The target group is internationally renowned female scientists who conduct research at a foreign institution. These can also be female researchers of German nationality who have been working abroad for several years.

Funding of first-time professorial appointments of excellent women scientists (W2/W3)

The “Funding of first-time professorial appointments of excellent women scientists (W2/W3)” program supports women seeking their first appointment to a W2- or W3-level professorship in cooperation with a partner university. The program’s objective is to support highly qualified candidates early in their careers and to help them establish themselves as professors. The program is aimed at rising stars from both Germany and abroad. Highly qualified candidates from within the Helmholtz Association are also eligible for this program. As we want to open up long-term prospects, we only provide funding for permanent appointments.

Anna Born

Manager Talent Programs, Executive Development and Diversity
Helmholtz Association

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