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Helmholtz Calls for Applications

Calls for proposals for funding programs and scientific prizes coordinated by the Helmholtz Association's Head Office.

Open calls for applications

Closed calls for applications

  • Submission deadline for applications: 30.04.2024

    13.12.23 - The Helmholtz Investigator Groups offer top international talents early scientific independence. 


  • Submission deadline for applications: 15.03.2024

    01.02.2024 - The Helmholtz Association has launched an ambitious initiative to harness the recent advancements in AI and the rise of "Foundation Models". The Helmholtz Foundation Model Initiative…

  • Submission deadline for applications: 15.03.2024

    21.12.23 - By funding Helmholtz Excellence Networks, the Helmholtz research portfolio and particular strengths of the Association are to be strategically integrated into new Clusters of Excellence in…


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