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What defines us

Helmholtz is shaping the world of tomorrow. Through cutting-edge research, we help to preserve and improve the foundations of human life.

Our research thrives on the excellence and ideas of the people who conduct it. We promote talent through all career stages and offer a unique working environment: First-class laboratories and equipment, long-term funded projects, and national and international networks.

Diversity, equal opportunities and work-life balance are guiding principles of our talent development. We support our employees individually at every stage of their careers. For example, we provide particularly intensive support to scientists who are preparing for a professorship after completing their doctorate. We specifically support employees who are committed to the transfer of knowledge and technologies to society and industry. We also place particular emphasis on the (tailored) development of managers from science and administration at all career levels in the Helmholtz Leadership Academy.

Equal Opportunities

Our cutting-edge research thrives on the ideas and excellence of our employees, regardless of their gender or background.

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Diversity and Inclusion

People are diverse. The 43,000 employees who currently belong to the Helmholtz Association differ from one another in many ways: In their personal life plans or personal life situations, their gender, their world view, their biography and background, their abilities and inclinations, their external appearance and many other aspects.

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Helmholtz Doctoral Guidelines

PDF, 322 KB

Guidelines for the Postdoc Phase within the Helmholtz Association

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Helmholtz Guideline on Diversity and Inclusion

PDF, 112 KB

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