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Dual courses of study, final theses, internships: We also offer students opportunities to join Helmholtz.

Study programs
Some of our Centers offer (dual) study programs together with universities and universities of applied sciences. Others invite students to spend the summer in their research groups. In this way, students can also make initial contacts for their further career steps at Helmholtz, for example for a doctorate. Our Research Centers will inform you about the offers.

Students can write bachelor's and master's theses in all Helmholtz Research Fields, both in science and in the fields of technology and administration. Interested students can take the initiative and contact a Research Center or possible supervisors directly. Topics for student research projects and theses can also be found in the job exchange.

Internships and work alongside studies
Students who want to get to know our Research Centers can apply for an internship or a practical semester, or work with us as a student trainee. The job exchange provides information about job offers. Unsolicited applications are also possible.

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