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Helmholtz worldwide

The great challenges of our time: be it climate change, the energy supply of the future or the fight against widespread diseases, can only be solved globally, in the long term and with pooled resources.

For this reason, we actively promote the internationalization of our research: We cooperate with other leading research institutions worldwide and involve international experts in the work of our Research Centers. 

Our Centers maintain numerous bilateral collaborations, for example with France, Israel, the UK, China, Australia, Japan, the USA and Canada, to name but a few of our many partner countries. Our globally unique research infrastructures, such as particle accelerators, research vessels, energy labs or supercomputers, serve as a platform for international collaboration: Each year, more than 10,000 guest scientists from more than 30 nations use the facilities.

We also support international cooperation financially: The Initiative and Networking Fund has given rise to numerous international projects in the past, such as Helmholtz European Partnering projects and Helmholtz International Labs.

Important anchors for our international research are the four international offices of the Association. The offices in Brussels, Beijing and Tel Aviv work in two directions: On the one hand, their contacts support our Centers in establishing and maintaining partnerships in the respective countries. On the other hand, they facilitate access to our research projects and infrastructures for international scientists.

The tasks of the offices are diverse, depending on their location: Our employees maintain contacts, initiate partnerships, and provide information about politics, the job market, academic opportunities, and relevant research projects in the respective countries. At the same time, they increase the visibility of the Helmholtz Association abroad. Individual Centers are also represented with their own offices in selected countries, for example DLR with its offices in Paris, Tokyo, Brussels and Washington, or KIT in Suzhou, China.

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