Doctoral Researchers at the Helmholtz Association

More than 8.000 PhD candidates do research at the Centers of the Helmholtz Association. Our 18 Research Centers provide outstanding research facilities, high quality PhD supervision, attractive and reliable working conditions and excellent methods training as well as support for career development. The Helmholtz PhD Guidelines specify our high standards of quality.

If you are interested in working towards a PhD with us, please check our job vacancies. In case no position in your field is available, please contact the staff of our Centers  directly and introduce your topic. You may also have a look at the websites of our graduate and research schools and get in touch with the respective coordinators.

Helmholtz Research Schools

Helmholtz Research Schools focus on specific cutting-edge research topics, providing a highly collaborative and invigorating interdisciplinary learning environment for up to 25 PhD students. Students work in an excellent research environment, often in cooperation with international partners.

Helmholtz Graduate Schools

Many of our Research Centers have established Helmholtz Graduate Schools in cooperation with university partners. The Graduate Schools offer high quality PhD training for a major part of the PhD students at a Research Center.

Helmholtz Juniors

The “Helmholtz Juniors” are the network of the PhD students in the Helmholtz Association. The Helmholtz Juniors foster exchange and networking among peers, organize events and represent the view of PhD students towards the Helmholtz Association.

Helmholtz Doctoral Prize

The Helmholtz Doctoral Prizes honor the achievements of doctoral students and encourage them to continue a career in science. The prizes are awarded annually in the six research fields of the Helmholtz Association.


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