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Each of the Helmholtz Association's 18 Research Centres (the members of the Association situated across Germany) is committed to creating the best working environment for its staff.  The Helmholtz Association central office (Berlin and Bonn) encourages and directly supports the highest standards of researcher and management development at all career stages.


The Helmholtz Association's annual budget of some €4.24 billion directly creates over 38,000 jobs. Scientist and researcher vacancies are advertised in English (the working language in the laboratory) here. A total list of vacancies, including those in corporate services (which are advertised in German) can be found here.


Maintaining a positive learning environment for talented early career researchers (ECRs) is a strategic priority for the Helmholtz Association.  The Association's Initiative and Networking Fund (or President's Strategic Fund) finances programmes which enhance talent management strategies at the 18 Research Centres (the members of the Association).  Overall strategic aims include:

  • engaging children and young people in science
  • training highly-skilled technicians and apprentices
  • recruiting highly-talented researchers and science managers
  • providing structured PhD programmes with university partners
  • supporting postdoctoral development
  • training highly-talented junior research group leaders
  • providing management training for talented researchers science managers
  • addressing equality of access to senior research careers, especially regarding women.

All research centres are committed to training the next generation of scientists, science managers and technicians who run the science infrastuture without which experiments would be impossible.

Job Vacancies and Calls

Find your ideal job in science.  The Association has over 38,000 staff, therefore vacancies arise regularly in all six fields of research and associated corporate services (e.g. finance and personnel), therfore on an average day there are over 300 vacancies at the Association across Germany.

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Children, Youth and Students

The Association organises activities for children, teenagers, undergraduate students and apprentices to help ensure that there will be plenty of qualified researchers in the future. 

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More about Master & Diploma Theses, Vocational Training and Work Placement



Doctoral Students

Helmholtz Graduate Schools and Helmholtz Research Schools equip doctoral students for a career in science or industry.  Students are either salaried (or receive an equivalent grant), work on their thesis at one of our research centres and gain their PhD from university partners (with the exception of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology which is itself an awarding body).

Helmholtz Graduate Schools and Helmholtz Research Schools

Promoting Executives

Successful applicants for Helmholtz Young Investigators Groups lead their own research group while also gaining the skills they need for a university career. The Helmholtz Management Academy prepares managers for the special demands of research management.

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Promoting Women & Equal Opportunity

Programmes to promote young talent must also keep in mind that a scientific career is compatible with family life. With the Network Mentoring Programme young female researchers and administrators receive one year of career-planning support from experienced managers from other centres. 

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Top Female Researchers

Helmholtz Mentoring Programme

Promoting Scientists on an International Level

Worldwide cooperation is the key to achieving outstanding scientific results and fostering innovation. For this reason, the Helmholtz Association uses funding from its Initiative and Networking Fund to specifically strengthen internationality.

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Dr Stephanie Dittmer

Head Strategy

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Helmholtz and Friends

Helmholtz & Friends is the Helmholtz Association’s network, providing a platform for peers to come together and share their experiences of leadership, career development and lifelong learning. More information about the network