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Six major fields of research The Helmholtz Association pursues the long-term research goals of state and society to maintain and improve the livelihoods of the population.
  • Energy

    Global bottlenecks are predictable - in the reliable supply of energy and the safe disposal and treatment of wastes, residues and emissions. Helmholtz energy researchers are looking for solutions to meet the needs of present and future generations.

    Research Field Energy

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  • Health

    Health Research in the Helmholtz Association aims to unravel the complex causes of major chronic diseases and develop novel strategies for prevention, early diagnostics and effective therapies for the benefit of patients.  Cancer Research, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases, Infeciton Research, Disorders of the Nervous System, Genetic and Environmental Influences on Common Diseases.

    Research Field Health

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  • Earth & Environment

    Our goal is to understand the System Earth to ensure that our home planet remains ecologically stable and the climate equilibrium is not knocked out of balance. Helmholtz researchers search for sustainable solutions for the co-existence of industrial society and the natural environment.

    Research field Earth & Environment

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  • Research Field Aeronautics, Space and Transport

    Mobility, information, communication, managing the resources as well as environment and security are decisive factors for the economic, ecological and social development of modern national economics.

    Research Field Aeronaotics, Space and Transport

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  • Matter

    The Helmholtz research field Matter explores the constituent parts of matter and the forces acting between them over completely different orders of magnitude, from the smallest units, elementary particles, to the largest structures in the universe.

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  • Information

    Scientists in the Helmholtz Association's research field Information study natural, artificial, and cognitive processing systems, explore new materials and concepts, and develop strategies to translate this new knowledge into algorithms and build the most powerful next-generation computers. 

    Research field information


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