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Future Innovators Module 1: About Innovators and Innovation


29th April | 10 AM - 5 PM CET
30th April | 9 AM - 5 PM CET
DLR Casino (Cologne)

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(Registration period: 29th March until 19th April)

In Future Innovators' second module run, module 1 will last for two days and consist of three workshops:

The first day will be about getting to know each other and Future Innovators, and also includes the first workshop.

Workshop I “Your Personal Entrepreneurial Motivation: Do I Want to be a Founder?” consists of the following parts:
- Reflect on your entrepreneurial motivation and define options
- Get an idea of yourself as an Entrepreneur
- Make yourself aware of what to gain and what to miss – either way
- Develop a basis for decision-making of whether you want to found a company

On the second day, Future Innovators' partners from Young Entrepreneurs in Science will guide you through two more workshops.

Workshop II "Your Innovations Skills” and consists of the following parts:
- Understand how skills contribute to a team
- Reflect on your own perspective and mindset

Workshop III “Human side of Innovation” consists of the following parts:
- Get to know the concept of empathy in human-centred design
- Reflect on your personal skill set as an entrepreneur

If this sounds intersting to you, grab one of the limited spots!

Learn more about Future Innovators @ www.future-innovatos.de

Future Innovators in a Helmholtz Transfer Academy in collaboration between DLR and DESY, funded by the Initiative and Networking Fund of the Helmholtz Association.

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