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Challenge #156

Understanding natural hazards and being better prepared for them.

Natural hazards repeatedly cause severe damage and numerous fatalities. We are conducting research to better understand these hazards, assess the associated risks more reliably, and make society more resilient.

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Floods, heat and earthquakes will increase significantly due to global change and will have a more intense and dangerous impact. However, it is not only human-driven climate change, but also a growing population, increasing urbanization, and our dependence on critical infrastructure that affect how natural hazards play out.

At the Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology (CEDIM), a cross-disciplinary research facility at KIT, we conduct research on causes, management and prevention of natural and technical risks. We develop new models and concepts to strengthen security and resilience in society and the economy. With an interdisciplinary approach, we look at the entire process chain of natural disasters, from causes to hazards, to risks and impacts on society and the environment. In addition, we develop smart technologies with which infrastructures can be planned preventively and organized in an agile manner. In this way, we contribute to a more resilient society.

Image: Susanna Mohr

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