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Challenge #02

Shaping the energy system of the future.

We are working on national, European and global solutions to ensure we have a sustainable, decentralized and secure energy system by 2050.

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To achieve our climate targets, we need to expand renewable energies massively. However, given that the increasing share of locally generated wind and solar energy is prone to production fluctuation, the challenges for the entire energy system are also increasing. Power flow is no longer a “one-way street,” and data exchange is reaching gargantuan proportions. To achieve a stable energy supply that meets our demands, we need new technologies for battery storage, transportation, and communication. Only then will we be able to identify when, where, and to what extent there is an energy need or surplus.

At the Helmholtz Association, we are working to make this energy system of the future a reality. By pooling our expertise in this area, we can address every aspect of the electricity, heat, and transportation sectors. By developing diverse technologies, testing their interactions in realistic environments, and evaluating various transformative pathways, we will make our contribution to the future’s energy system a success.

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