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Challenge #03

A world without type 1 diabetes.

We are conducting research to help ensure that no child will have to contract the autoimmune disease type 1 diabetes again.

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Type 1 diabetes is the most common metabolic disease among children and adolescents, and the number of new cases is only increasing. Often, the disease is recognized only after severe or even life threatening metabolic disorders are already present. At the Helmholtz Association, we want to change that.

Type 1 diabetes is caused by a faulty reaction of the immune system. This is precisely where our research step in. At Helmholtz Munich, we first identify children who are at increased genetic risk for type 1 diabetes or are in an early stage of the disease. In these cases, we attempt to regulate the children’s immune system through various prevention methods, such the administration of insulin powders or a probiotic, with the end of preventing or delaying the development of the disease. The more children we study and the more we improve our prevention trials, the closer we will get to a world without type 1 diabetes.

Image: Unsplash/Randy Rooibaatjie

Short and easy to understand: type 1 diabetes early detection and prevention

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