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Challenge #147

Architects of the energy transition.

Wind and sun, hydrogen and geothermal: The future of energy is diverse. Accordingly, we are developing the technologies to ensure that sustainable energy becomes affordable.

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Which solar cells produce the most energy? How can artificial intelligence optimize our power supply? How can we source the raw materials required for the energy transition? And how can the range of e-cars be increased? Energy supply issues are highly complex and urgent. In order to slow down climate change, established technologies ranging from batteries and collectors, to power plants and heat pumps have to be reinvented within just a few years.

We are delivering decisive solutions for this century’s defining challenge. That is why the Helmholtz Association researchers in the Research Field Energy are pooling their expertise: We are investigating how electricity can be generated, distributed and used in a climate-friendly manner, not only at home, but also in industry, heating systems, and transportation.

To do so, we look at the energy sector as a whole: We research alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, but we also optimize the use of known sources, such as the sun and wind, and investigate ways to construct filling stations and gas storage facilities. Together with scientists across the world, we also want to help achieve breakthroughs with innovative technologies such as geothermal energy, and to research future models of energy generation, such as fusion power plants.

For our research we use test facilities that are unique worldwide, and test our developments in real laboratories such as the Energy Lab 2.0. As Europe's largest research facility for renewable energies, the lab tests new methods of power generation and compares innovative storage systems.

We also examine social questions. Generating electricity from the sun and wind is already as economic as producing it from coal and gas, but converting our entire energy system is expensive. With new processes and cutting-edge technologies, we want to help reduce these costs. This is the only way to ensure that climate-friendly energy generation can be adopted worldwide.

Image: HZB/Michael Setzpfandt

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