Quantum Technologies

Quantum computing will change our world – in science, industry, the economy, and our everyday lives.

Wolfgang Marquardt

The development and use of quantum technology is one of the most ambitious technological goals of science today. The effects on society and business are almost impossible to predict. The Helmholtz Association’s mission is to contribute to solving important and urgent social, scientific, and economic problems. Helmholtz is a driver of quantum technology research in Germany and Europe and a pioneer in science and technology. Together with partners at universities and research institutions as well as in industry, Helmholtz aspires to push forward the development of quantum technologies, from basic research to system development to application.

Helmholtz is active in the five primary areas: quantum computingquantum communicationquantum sensing, quantum materials and basic research, as well as simulation and numerical methods. In addition, Helmholtz develops, builds, and operates powerful infrastructures for researching quantum technologies. 

Quantum simulation and numerical techniques

Simulations and numerical techniques are the key to optimal, efficient use of future quantum systems. On the one hand, simulation, performance comparison (benchmarking), and monitoring of multi-qubit systems will be indispensable if quantum systems of the future, which will require high numbers of qubits, are to be developed. On the other, hybrid simulations, which combine classical and quantum-based approaches and offer optimized numerical techniques in physics, chemistry, biology, and other research fields, will show that quantum computers can complement classical ones. This will open up completely new scientific approaches to solving problems that cannot be solved using current methods.

In quantum technology, the Helmholtz Association is working on improving simulation as a third column (complementing theory and experimentation). The short-term goal is to develop algorithms, methods, and tools for pioneering calculation capabilities that will help solve previously insoluble calculations in science and industry. In the long term, joint efforts by all Helmholtz Centers will develop a broadly deployable software package that will help a large community of researchers from a variety of disciplines to efficiently perform quantum calculations.

Background and Strategy


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