Information & Data Science

From research into the tiniest constituents of matter on Earth to the view of our planet from outer space via satellite images –, Helmholtz scientists collect huge quantities of data every day. Using this data, they generate knowledge that provides solutions to the greatest challenges of today and tomorrow. With the help of artificial intelligence and many other cutting-edge technologies from a broad range of scientific methods, Helmholtz provides new insights and considerable added value for business and society on a daily basis.

Helmholtz already has tremendous expertise in the field of data analysis and data processing, as well as a powerful IT infrastructure. It operates the largest research infrastructures – from satellite missions to large particle physics facilities – and is a competence center for the latest generation of supercomputers and highly complex computer simulations (e.g. extensive climate models).

In order to further expand its expertise in the highly topical field of Information & Data Science, Helmholtz places great emphasis on the diversity of its Research Centers and research fields as well as on maintaining close links between them.

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