The development, construction and operation of complex research facilities for an international user community are a core element in the mission of the Helmholtz Association. The research facilities of the Helmholtz Association exemplify the division of tasks in the German science system and the cooperation with German as well as foreign universities and research institutions. More than ten thousand external scientists from more than thirty nations work at the research facilities of the Helmholtz Association every year. 

The following pages (see navigation on the left) list major research facilities of the Helmholtz Association, including essentially classical user facilities that offer dedicated user operation for third parties, i.e. for researchers from Germany or abroad (mostly from universities or non-university research institutions).

Roadmap - outlook on future development

In 2011, the Helmholtz Association presented for the first time a roadmap coordinated across research fields on possible lines of development for its research facilities. In 2015, the Helmholtz Association updated part of its planning. Since then, a large number of the designated projects have been implemented and realized. In 2021, the Helmholtz Association will present its new planned research infrastructures for the current decade at a symposium.

Helmholtz Roadmap 2021

additional information: Helmholtz Photon Science Roadmap 2021 (short version Download, long version Download)

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Research Infra­structures