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The Helmholtz-Office Brussels

The Helmholtz Brussels Office helps increasing the participation of Helmholtz Centers in EU programs such as Horizon Europe. With our services, we support intensifying and expanding networks and research collaboration in Europe and beyond.

Helmholtz in Europe

Shaping a sustainable future for Europe strongly depends on collaborating on research because societal challenges do not end at borders. Therefore, Helmholtz supports the concept of the European Research Area.

Helmholtz in Europe


Annika Thies

Head of Helmholtz office Brussels

Alexandra-Sonja Lawson

• Assistant to the Director
• Visitor groups, conference room
• Office administration

Holger Ihssen

• Delegate for research area Energy
• European Energy Research Alliance (EERA)
• Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)

Jens Jäger

Delegate for the research area Health

Anna Cattani-Scholz

Delegate for the research area Information

Nicolas Villacorta

• Delegate for the resarch area Matter
• European Research Infrastructures
• European Open Science Cloud
Helmholtz Association

Barbara Geilen

• Assistant to Delegates for the research areas
• Office administration and bookkeeping
• Coordination of programme for interns

Dorothea Kapitza

• Legal Advisor
• Regulations of European Union´s research and innovation programmes
• International Conventions and Treaties
• IPR & Open Science

Kristine August

PR and Political Communication


Statement on the Initiative of the European Commission Reform Research Assessment

PDF, 68 KB

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