Helmholtz Calls for Applications

The site gives you an overview of current calls for applications which are coordinated by the Helmholtz head office. Most of the Helmholtz calls for applications are in German. Please see our German site.

  • Young Investigators Groups – Call 2018

    Current call

    Young Investigators Groups – Call 2018

  • Helmholtz International Labs

    The application deadline is 16 March 2018.

    One of the central objectives of the Helmholtz Internationalisation Strategy 2017–2022 is to enhance strategic international cooperation with excellent research institutions from all over the world. To reach this goal, the Initiative and Networking Fund launches the new funding program ‘Helmholtz International Labs’.

    Helmholtz International Labs

  • Helmholtz European Partnering

    Deadline for the submission of applications in this first call for proposals is 28 February 2018

    The Helmholtz Association is committed to the strengthening, development and cohesion of the European research area. In order to specifically support cooperation with countries in South, Central and Eastern Europe, a new funding program is launched in the Initiative and Networking Fund: 'Helmholtz European Partnering'. Within the framework of this call, strategic partnerships between Helmholtz Centers and complementary research institutions in selected target countries can be established i.e. expanded. The deadline for the submission of applications in this first call for proposals is 28 February 2018. Every Helmholtz Center may submit one application. There will be three calls in total.

    Helmholtz European Partnering

  • Helmholtz-RSF Joint Research Groups

    Helmholtz-RSF Joint Research Groups

  • Doctoral Supervision Course 2017 - Call for Applications

    Current Call

    The Helmholtz Association aims to further increase its high standards in doctoral supervision and awards 25 grants for supervisors to attend at a ‘Doctoral Supervision’ course in corporation with the renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm on 21 – 25 August 2017.

    Doctoral Supervision Course 2017 - Call for Applications

  • Helmholtz Doctoral Prize 2017

    Call for Nominations

    The Helmholtz Association aims to support talented researchers at an early stage of their career and wants to encourage them to continue working in research. For this reason, the Helmholtz Association is awarding doctoral prizes, which honor academic achievements and serve as an incentive to remain in academia. This year's Award Ceremony will be held on September 14, 2017. Submission deadline is May 15, 2017.

    Helmholtz Doctoral Prize 2017

  • Funding of positions for top female researchers (W2/W3 programme) - Call 2017

    Current call

    As part of the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation, the Helmholtz Association is stepping up its efforts to attract outstanding female scientists to top positions. The intention is to better harness the potential of outstanding researchers in general, and in particular to coax top minds from abroad (back) to Germany. This general aim is supported via the W2/ W3 programme for top female researchers within the framework of the Initiative and Networking Fund’s strategic planning for the period 2016 to 2020.

    Funding of positions for top female researchers (W2/W3 programme) - Call 2017

  • Helmholtz ERC Recognition Award

    Deadline: April 30st, 2018

    The Helmholtz ERC Recognition Award is designed to give support to outstanding ERC grant applicants when resubmitting an ERC project proposal, and at the same time show recognition of their academic achievements to date. This Call for applications applies to the ERC Call 2017 for Horizon 2020.

    Helmholtz ERC Recognition Award

  • Young Investigators Groups - Call 2017

    Current call

    One element of the Helmholtz strategy for junior researchers is the establishment of independent Young Investigators Groups. Top junior scientists are granted independence early on, with good conditions for research and secure career prospects based on proven scientific achievements.

    Young Investigators Groups - Call 2017

  • Helmholtz International Research Schools

    Current call

    Helmholtz International Research Schools offer an excellent academic and multidisciplinary doctoral training in an international environment. They will be established by a Helmholtz Center, a foreign partner and a German university partner.

    Helmholtz International Research Schools

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