Helmholtz Calls for Applications

The site gives you an overview of current calls for applications which are coordinated by the Helmholtz head office. Most of the Helmholtz calls for applications are in German. Please see our German site.

Dealing with the pandemic-related work situation in the Impulse and Networking Fund (as of 27.08.2021).

Electronic application submission

The spread of the coronavirus means that many employees of Helmholtz centers work at home and the physical exchange of documents is reduced to the absolute minimum. In this situation, it can be difficult to obtain signatures in a timely manner. In the application procedures of the Initiative and Networking Fund, it is important to us that each submission is authorized by the board of the respective Helmholtz center. At the same time, we would like to facilitate your processes in the current situation. We therefore accept the exclusively electronic receipt of application documents in the procedures of the Initiative and Networking Fund until further notice. Please indicate that the submission is authorized by the Board by sending it to us from a Board email account and/or by sending a cover letter with the Board's electronic signature. If an application is submitted with an advanced electronic signature, electronic-only submission is permanently sufficient.

Dealing with project delays

Generally, in all justified cases, there is an option to carry over funding from fiscal year 2021 to 2022 or subsequent years, as well as for an appropriate cost-neutral extension of runtime. At this advanced stage of the pandemic, we also expect projects to have developed, as far as possible, adaptation strategies to the situation that has existed since March 2020. Please understand that we will have to conduct a case-by-case review, as we are also accountable to the grantor. Nevertheless, we will focus our attention in particular on securing research opportunities for junior scientists. As usual, the form for requesting the transfer of funds and, if applicable, an extension of the term is available in the IVF forms cabinet.

The Initiative Fund team is available under the usual contact details. In the event of another lockdown and the associated work in the home office, the connections of the office will be redirected to the cell phones of the corresponding colleagues.

Please feel free to contact the Impulse Fund team with your questions!

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