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Networks and Cooperation

Cutting-edge research is not possible without cooperation and networking .The Helmholtz Association cooperates nationally and internationally with strategic partners.

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Helmholtz Institutes

Helmholtz institutes provide the strategic partnerships between the Helmholtz centres and universities with a special intensity. The establishment of a Helmholtz centre's outpost on the university campus creates the basis for permanent close co-operation in specific areas of research, which are of particular importance to both institutions.

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Helmholtz Alliances

Helmholtz Alliances offer participating scientists an attractive opportunity to conduct research on new topics with the necessary critical mass and to develop current research topics in innovative ways. The alliances aim to strategically develop the research profiles of participating Helmholtz Centres and to transfer successful research into the Helmholtz Association's research programme.

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Helmholtz Energy-Alliances

Within the scope of the Helmholtz Energy Initiative, the thematically-orientated energy alliances should specifically cover the pressing demand for research regarding rapid conversion of the energy supply and develop sustainable energy technologies. .

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Helmholtz Virtual Institutes

By establishing new research partnerships, Helmholtz Virtual Institutes provide a distinct benefit in preparing the way for larger strategic research projects. With this funding the Helmholtz Association wants to strengthen the position of universities in the German scientific system.

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Cooperating with Universities

The Helmholtz Association places particular importance on bringing together the potential for excellent research which exists at universities with that at the Helmholtz centres to create a critical mass. 

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