Brussels Office

The mission of the Brussels Office of the Helmholtz Association is to help increase the participation of Helmholtz Research Centres in European research programmes. With the support of the Brussels Office, the Helmholtz Association aims to intensify and expand international contacts and collaborative projects not only in Europe, but worldwide.

The Helmholtz Association will also endeavour to use its considerable research infrastructure and resources to reinforce its activities in coordinating and managing international research projects. These are just some of the contributions the Helmholtz Association can make towards realising a European Research Area that will maintain and reinforce Europe's competitiveness in the areas of science, technology and economy. Helmholtz wants to be a shaping force in the creation of the European Research Area.

Service provided by the Brussels Office

The main task of the Brussels Office is to support the Helmholtz Research Centres in their efforts to compete for research funding and to increase their participation in the EU Research Framework Programmes.

Services include for example:

  • Timely, targeted information and analyses on work programmes and calls for proposals in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020" according to the specific research profiles of the Centre
  • Analyses of EU research policy
  • Assessment of chances for success of the project proposals, also through consultation with the European Commisson
  • Information and training seminars in the Helmholtz Centres
  • Advice and support of the Helmholtz Centres in writing project proposals and planning budgets
  • Legal advice for the Centres during proposal preparation, contract negociation (Contract and Consortium Agreement) and project management
  • Contact, visibility and networking opportunities for representatives of the Helmholtz Research Centres with relevant actors in the European Institutions
  • (Assistance in the) Organisation of events and seminars of the Helmholtz Association

Facilities of the Brussels Office:

  • Meeting room for up to 25 persons with projector, internet connection and flipchart (as well as assistance in organising catering)
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