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Material Development

Together with its national and international partners, the Helmholtz Association develops, builds and operates unique large research facilities and networks of distributed research infrastructures to address specific research challenges. In addition, the centers of the Association collect valuable data from the experiments performed at their research infrastructures, which are also made available to external researchers. Examples of these research infrastructures are:

  • CeraStorE (Competence center for ceramic materials and thermal storage technology in energy research)
  • DESY Nanolab
  • GEMS (German Engineering Materials Science Centre)
  • HEMCP (Helmholtz Energy Materials Characterization Platform)
  • HEMF (Helmholtz Energy Materials Foundry)

Dr. Egbert Jolie

Chief Research Manager Energy
Helmholtz Association

Dr. Ilja Bohnet

Chief Research Manager Matter
Helmholtz Association

Bernd Rech

Research Field Coordinator Energy
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie

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