The Aeronautics Programme

The significant increase in air transport in recent decades is likely to continue. In Europe, policymakers, representatives of industry and scientists have already agreed on a common research agenda that establishes basic conditions for Helmholtz research. Its goals are an increased capacity of the air transport system, greater cost-effectiveness on both the developmental and operational levels, the reduction of aircraft noise and harmful emissions, the enhanced attractiveness of air travel for passengers and higher safety standards.

A key aspect of the research agenda is its holistic view of the air transport system. At the same time, the Helmholtz programme places a strong emphasis on application-oriented research. The research is structured around four topics relating directly to fundamental segments of the aeronautics industry and air transport business: aeroplanes, helicopters, propulsion systems, air transport management and air traffic.

Participating Helmholtz Centres:

German Aerospace Centre (DLR)

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