Equal Opportunities at Helmholtz

A major part of the Helmholtz Association's Talent Management Strategy is equal opportunities.  As part of a commitment to overall equality (in very diverse workplaces) is ensuring that both genders – from infants and school age children to students of the natural and life sciences and our own staff – have equal opportunities.

The Helmholtz Association supports the best scientific minds (both men and women) to pursue careers in science and fosters a positive image of women and men working together in the scientific and academic community.

The Helmholtz Association creates working conditions that allow both young and experienced scientists to develop their skills, reach their full potential and achieve their personal and scientific goals. Key elements in achieving this aim are:

  • Equal opportunities as an assessment criterion in the review of research programmes
  • Programmes aimed at increasing the compatibility of family and career
  • Disseminating examples of best practice across the Association's 18 Research centres.

    Equal opportunities is an essential element of Helmholtz talent management activities

  • Helmholtz Mentoring Program

  • Helmholtz Management Academy

  • Helmholtz Professorships

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