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The Working Group Women in Research Centers

The Working Group Women in Research Centers is an association of the equal opportunity officers of all Helmholtz centers.

The akfifz pools the work of the equal opportunities officers at the Helmholtz centers. It identifies and coordinates cross-center topics of gender equality work and advises the management of the Helmholtz centers, the Helmholtz Head Office, and other bodies. The akfifz represents the Helmholtz Association on gender equality issues to the outside.

Central points of akfifz's work concern the achievement of gender parity with the help of the cascade goals, a gender-equitable personnel and organizational policy, the reconcilableness of care work and paid work, and the securing of a non-discriminatory work and life culture in the Helmholtz Association.

The akfifz substructures into working groups that set and work on thematic focal points. Selfevidently, the panel works collaborates closely with the equal opportunities officers of other research associations such as the Max Planck Society, the Leibniz Association and the Fraunhofer Society, as well as with the funding agencies, as well as the competence centers Technology-Diversity-Equal Opportunities und CEWS - Center of Excellence Women and Science.

Recommendations for Quality Standards for Gender Sensitive Appointment Procedures

Joint appointments are of central importance for achieving the Helmholtz Association's science strategy and gender equality goals.With its recommendations for quality standards for gender sensitive appointment procedures, the akfifz provides a sound basis to systematically conduct appointment procedures in all procedural steps in a gender sensitive manner.



Anna Born

Talent Management and Diversity
Helmholtz Association

Katja Flaig

Speaker workgroup of the equal opportunities officers
Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research

Gülcin Abbaszade

Speaker workgroup of the equal opportunities officers
Helmholtz Munich

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