Annual Event 2015

Is our energy future decentralised? –
Research for a new systematic approach

Designing our future energy system is one of the grand societal challenges: It requires ambitious efforts in 2015 and beyond to push forward its sustainable transformation. How to achieve the European climate and energy targets – and how to strengthen the security of energy supply? Is our energy future decentralised? Researchers can contribute to solving those questions by exploring the potential of storage technologies, cross-linked grid infrastructures and renewable energies. Future developments, however, depend on the Energy Strategy for Europe including the Energy Union and the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan. Which topics should be the focus on the European level? How can we guarantee that research results are considered in comprehensive strategies and avoid contradicting approaches?

These were only two of the questions addressed during the Helmholtz annual event in Brussels in March 2015.

Invitation and programme

Interview with speaker Prof Wasserscheid, Founding Director of the Helmholtz Insitute Erlangen-Nürnberg:
Can a system of decentralised power supply pay off?


Photos: (c) Helmholtz Association / FKPH

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