Annual Event 2013

Big Data, Big Science - Big Challenges, Big Solutions?

As a driver for innovation and future growth in Europe, big science produces increasing amounts of data. The prestigious Human Brain Project or experimental genetics are only two examples of cutting-edge research where scientists collect "big data". However, the real challenge lies not only in collecting adequate data, but in finding ways to analyse them to come up with usable results.

How could better data management help to achieve scientific results that enable us to tackle the grand societal challenges? Drawing on EU strategies for data management, our Round Table presents examples of how scientists in different disciplines like biomedicine and high-energy physics are dealing with big data. Without doubt, the key to the solution will not only require further technological development, but also concerted action.
What kind of European approaches could make sure that we all benefit from the "data deluge" instead of being overwhelmed by it?

These issues and questions were addressed during the Helmholtz annual event in Brussels in May 2013.

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Photos: (c) Helmholtz Association / Eric Berghen

In cooperation with the Free State of Bavaria
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