Brussels Office

The mission of the Brussels Office of the Helmholtz Association is to help increase the participation of Helmholtz Research Centres in European research programmes. With the support of the Brussels Office, the Helmholtz Association aims to intensify and expand international contacts and collaborative projects not only in Europe, but worldwide.

The Helmholtz Association will also endeavour to use its considerable research infrastructure and resources to reinforce its activities in coordinating and managing international research projects. These are just some of the contributions the Helmholtz Association can make towards realising a European Research Area that will maintain and reinforce Europe's competitiveness in the areas of science, technology and economy. The Helmholtz Association wants to be a shaping force in the creation of the European Research Area.

Here you can find the contact persons of our Brussels Office.

  • Photo of Annika Thies
  • Photo of Alexandra-Sonja Lawson
  • Photo of Angela Richter
  • Photo of Dorothea Kapitza
  • Photo of Kristine August
  • Photo of Barbara Geilen
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