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Terms and Conditions

Information on ordering publications

If ordering more than 5 copies of a single title, please state the purpose of the order. In some cases, orders cannot be fully met because publications only had a limited print run.

When we receive large numbers of orders, this may occasionally lead to delays in dispatching orders. Please accept our apologies if this is the case.

Please note:

Brochures which the Helmholtz Association publishes free of charge must not be used for commercial purposes.

Orders submitted by e-mail from our website will be confirmed by e-mail. Please confirm your order by answering this e-mail - simply use the answer function in your e-mail program. You do not need to include any written confirmation. Once we receive your e-mail, we will immediately process your order.
If you would rather not order by e-mail, you can also send us your order by mail or fax.