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The extremely talented and committed employees at Helmholtz are the most valuable resource for the research conducted here. 43,886 employees worked at the 18 Helmholtz Centers in 2020 (as of july 2022).


Research infrastructures for scientists from all over the world

Helmholtz aims to provide science with access to unique research infrastructures. The design, construction, and operation of large-scale and often unique scientific infrastructure is a key aspect of the Helmholtz mission. The research facilities are exemplary for the cooperation with German as well as foreign universities and research institutions.

The large-scale devices at the Helmholtz Centers were available on 95 percent of the total operating time in 2021. The national and international scientific community (external researchers) accounted for a majority of the research infrastructure’s use, at 68,6 percent. By providing this service, Helmholtz plays an essential role in this area of the scientific system. In 2021, 12,107 internal and external researchers from more than 130 nations used the research opportunities offered by the Helmholtz Centers. Compared to the previous year, this usage corresponds to an increase of 12,2 percent.

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