Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation

Germany's federal and state governments launched the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation to guide the future direction of research. An annual 3% increase in funding serves to ensure the effectiveness of Germany's research and opens up the freedom needed to foster scientific development.

As partners in the joint initiative the Helmholtz Association made a firm commitment to contribute to growth and prosperity by focussing on excellence;creating new forms of cooperation and Networking; promoting early career scientists and researchers; and, encouraging innovation through new approaches.

We use three instruments to achieve these shared goals:

  1. programme-oriented funding which flows through all 18 research centres
  2. the development and operation of complex infrastructure and unique large-scale facilities, and
  3. the Helmholtz President's Initiative and Networking (or Strategic) Fund.


The instruments in the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation:

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  • Photo of Korinna Strobel