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The mission of the Brussels Office of the Helmholtz Association is to help increase the participation of Helmholtz Research Centres in European research programmes. With the support of the Brussels Office, the Helmholtz Association aims to intensify and expand international contacts and collaborative projects not only in Europe, but worldwide.

The Helmholtz Association will also endeavour to use its considerable research infrastructure and resources to reinforce its activities in coordinating and managing international research projects. These are just some of the contributions the Helmholtz Association can make towards realising a European Research Area that will maintain and reinforce Europe's competitiveness in the areas of science, technology and economy. Helmholtz wants to be a shaping force in the creation of the European Research Area.



Declaration on Freedom of Research (with CNR, CNRS, CSIC, Leibniz Association and Max Planck Society)
G6 Declaration on Freedom of Research


Statement on the "European Health Emergengy Preparedness and Response Authority"



Declaration on the EU research budget (with CNR, CNRS, CSIC, Leibniz Association and Max Planck Society)
G6 Decleration: Fundamental research is the basis for Europe’s competitiveness


Open letter to the President of the European Council - Reaction to the proposal to cut Horizon Europe (with CNR, CNRS, CSIC, Leibniz Association and Max Planck Society)
G6 Open Letter: European decision makers must do better

Helmholtz Statement:
"Pharmaceutical Strategy - Timely patient access to affordable medicines"


Declaration on the Multiannual Financial Framework (with CNR, CNRS, CSIC, Leibniz Association and Max Planck Society)
G6 Declaration: Research budget in the EU's Multiannual Financial Framework


Helmholtz Contribution:
"Guidelines for the Realignment of the European Research Area 2020"

Helmholtz Contribution:
The “European Green Deal”: Research is key to achieve the goals

First "ERAvsCorona" Action Plan - Comments by the Helmholtz Association

Declaration on the role of the European Research Council (with CNR, CNRS, CSIC, Leibniz Association and Max Planck Society)
G6 Declaration: The future of research in Europe depends on the success of the ERC

Helmholtz Position on the "Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan" published by the European Commission


Position Papers on FP9 - related to the Helmholtz Research Fields
Research Field Energy
Research Field Earth and Environment
Research Field Health
Research Field Key Technologies

New Position Paper on FP9
“Seizing the opportunities of European research beyond 2020”

Suggestions for Missions in FP9
Missions for European research beyond 2020 - Suggestions by the Helmholtz Association

(Update of the document published in Nov/Dec 2017)


Position paper on FP9
"First reflections on the EU’s next research framework programme"



Position Paper on the Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020 by the European Commission:

Bringing Europe forward in challenging times - Position Paper on the Interim Evalualtion of Horizon 2020

Position Paper on "Long-term sustainability of Research Infrastructures"

Position Paper by the Research Field Energy:

Recommendations for an Integrated Research, Innovation & Competitiveness Strategy for the Energy Union

Helmholtz Opinion Paper

Statement on the call for ideas for the European Innovation Council

The Helmholtz Association, together with more than 220 organisations, has signed a pan-European statement supporting the European Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.

Statement by EARA (The European Animal Research Association) on the European Directive 2010/63/EU 


Joint Statement on the new reguirements on „Internally Invoiced Costs“ in Horizon 2020



The Opinion Paper on "Simplification in Horizon 2020" identifies seven areas that still need improvement to match with the idea of simplification

Helmholtz Opinion Paper on Simplification in Horizon 2020

Another Opinion Paper concentrates on the new requirements on "Internally Invoiced Costs“ in Horizon 2020. As these add serious additional administrative burden on participants they contradict the Commissions' simplification idea.

Helmholtz Opinion Paper on Internal Cost Allocation (ICA)

The Opinion Paper addresses the European Commission and assess the first experiences in the Horizon 2020 societal challenges "Health, demographic change and wellbeing". It refers amongst others to "Oversubscription management towards a targeted success rate" and provides recommendations from the research perspective.

Helmholtz Opinion Paper on Challenge I

Joint Statement of the Alliance of Science Organisations on the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union

Joint Statement GDPR

Contribution to the ex-post evaluation of the 7th Framework Programme by the European Commission

Helmholtz Comments on the 7th Framework Programme

Open letter speaking out against planned buget cuts of Horizon 2020 by the Council in favour of the European Fund for Strategic Investment

Open letter - EFSI


Information on the General Data Protection Regulation (in collaboration with the Leibniz Office Brussels)

Europäischen Datenschutzgrundverordnung - Fakten und Folgen für die Forschung (GERMAN)



Helmholtz Comments on the Indirect Cost of Large Infrastructures in Horizon 2020:

Comments on the Cost of Large Infrastructures - April 2013


Helmholtz Comments on the EC Communication "ERA Framework Communication of the European Commission" (COM(2012) 392):

Comments on the ERA-Communication - November 2012

Helmholtz Comments on the EC Communication "A European strategy for Key Enabling Technologies – A bridge to growth and jobs":

Comments on the KET-Communication - September 2012

Position papers May/July 2012 - Horizon 2020:

Here you can find a package of position papers on the following aspects of the European Commission’s draft for “Horizon 2020 - the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation”. The papers present a consensus of the views of the Helmholtz Association and its centres. At the moment the Commissions's draft for the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020" is discussed by the European Parliament and the Council. It is supposed to start in 2014.

General Comments on Horizon 2020

Collaborative Research Projects

Research Infrastructures

Health Research

Earth and Environment Research

Research on Enabling and Industrial Technologies


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