Brussels Office

The Helmholtz Brussels Office helps increasing the participation of Helmholtz Centres in EU programmes such as Horizon Europe. With our services, we support intensifying and expanding networks and research collaboration in Europe and beyond.

Service provided by the Brussels Office

One of our main tasks is to support the Helmholtz Centres in their efforts to participate in the EU programmes.

Services include for example:

  • Monitoring and analyses of EU research policy
  • Timely, specific information and analyses on work programmes and calls for proposals in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
  • Information and training seminars in the Helmholtz Centres, both virtual and on-site
  • Advice and support of the Helmholtz Centres in proposal writing, assessment of chances for success of project proposals
  • Legal advice for the Centres during proposal preparation, contract negotiation and project management
  • Contact and networking opportunities for Helmholtz representatives with relevant actors in the European Institutions
  • Assistance in the organisation of events and workshops by Helmholtz Centres
  • A meeting room for up to 23 people (as well as assistance in organising catering)
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