Beijing Office

The Helmholtz Beijing Office represents the Helmholtz Association in China. Its mission is to further promote cooperation between the scientists from the 18 Helmholtz Centres and their partners in the Chinese scientific community.

Service provided by the Helmholtz Beijing Office

The Beijing office represents the interests of Helmholtz Association as a whole in China. It serves both Helmholtz scientists and Chinese researchers interested in mutual cooperation. Its main tasks are to provide help for scientific partners to establish contacts, to promote joint projects and to foster the exchange of scientists.

The office serves the science community by:

  • up-to-date information about the Helmholtz Association
  • Information about Helmholtz' special infrastructure
  • Helping to identify the most suitable research groups for mutual cooperation
  • Coordination services between Helmholtz centres, Chinese partners and Chinese authorities
  • Assistance for the organisation of bilateral scientific workshops
  • Initiating and developing new cooperative research projects
  • Analysing trends in the Chinese research landscape
  • Advising and supporting excellent young Chinese researchers interested in doing research at Helmholtz
  • Organising visits for delegations of Helmholtz scientists travelling to China
  • Supporting delegations of Chinese researchers in organising visits to Helmholtz Centres
  • Networking of Helmholtz researchers residing in China
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