Diversity and Inclusion

People are diverse. The Helmholtz Association currently has 43,000 employees who differ from each other in a variety of ways. These include their personal ways of life or personal living situations, gender, ideologies, biographies and origins, skills and aptitudes, outer appearances, and numerous other aspects. We see this sum of differences between people — which we refer to as “diversity” — as an irrefutable fact.

For innovative research, the diversity that our employees offer is a decisive success factor, as it allows maximum creativity and the integration of many perspectives on the same issue - scientific, technical, administrative or strategic. For this reason, diversity is an extremely valuable resource that we want to promote, use and safeguard for our strategic advantage.

In order to create a diversity-aware organizational culture at all Helmholtz Centres and in the Head Office, the guideline identifies fields of action, formulates concrete expectations and makes recommendations for possible measures.

Guideline Diversity and Inclusion

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