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Executive Committee

The executive committee of the Helmholtz Association includes eight vice-presidents in addition to the President and the Managing Director.

The vice-presidents support, advise and represent the president in the fulfilment of his duties, which include implementing the program-oriented funding system and coordinating the development of programs across research fields and developing the Association's overall strategy. Each of the Helmholtz Association's six research fields is represented by a vice-president who is responsible for its coordination; in addition, there are two vice-presidents from the centers' administrative bodies.

Members of the Executive Committee

Michael Baumann

Vice-President Research Field Health

Franziska Broer

Managing Director Helmholtz Association

Helmut Dosch

Vice-President Research Field Matter

Holger Hanselka

Vice-President Research Field Energy

Sabine Helling-Moegen

Administrative Vice-President

Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla

Vice-President Research Field Aeronautics, Space and Transport

Wolfgang Marquardt

Vice-President Research Field Information

Katja Matthes

Vice-President Research Field Earth & Environment

Stefan Schwartze

Administrative Vice-President

Otmar D. Wiestler

President Helmholtz Association

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