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Our scientists are among the leading thinkers in sustainability research in many fields. We not only address the issue of resource conservation scientifically, but also actively implement it ourselves.

Our Research Centers are committed to the sustainable conversion of their infrastructures: For example, we want to supply our test facilities with electricity from sustainable sources in the future, use our data centers in a climate-friendly way and operate our buildings in a resource-saving way. At many of our sites, we are also testing innovative sustainable solutions in everyday operation, such as e-cars or CO2-neutral heating systems.

This process is being driven forward to a large extent by our “Sustainability Forum” working group. At the same time, numerous employees are directly involved in Helmholtz's sustainable transformation at the Research Centers. As a scientific organization, we not only conduct research on sustainability, but also take a pioneering approach to the topic.

Governance processes define the overarching framework in a research organization. In order to integrate sustainability into the organization, the management level is responsible for establishing integrative strategic planning and participatory organizational development. Other tasks include promoting a culture of compliance and strengthening knowledge transfer and exchange with society.

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Fabian Trinkel

Koordinator für Nachhaltigkeit in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft
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