Proof of Concept Initiative

The Proof of Concept Initiative (PoC) is to test a future, nationwide format that will help to implement preclinical research in clinical development faster and more efficiently. The initiative was jointly launched by Helmholtz and Fraunhofer, with the involvement of Deutsche Hochschulmedizin.

The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Helmholtz Association, and Deutsche Hochschulmedizin are proposing cross-organizational collaboration in translational health research through their initiative to establish a national proof of concept platform.

Existing competences and infrastructures to develop innovative methods in diagnostics, prevention, and treatment will be grouped together on a shared platform structure open to all scientific institutions.

Experienced project managers are at the core of the proof of concept platform. They use the expertise of the participating scientific organizations to take up and advance promising preclinical and clinical development projects.

Clinical proof of concept (PoC) of an innovative treatment or diagnostic procedure is generally a necessary prerequisite to be able to pass projects on to companies that then continue to develop the projects to market readiness. The PoC Initiative focuses on promising projects in preclinical phases that could lead to an early clinical proof of concept at a foreseeable cost.

The pilot projects selected at the beginning of 2018 serve to demonstrate the synergy potential between the participating research partners. The PoC collaboration format may also be extended to research areas outside translational health research.

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