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Innovation Days

From 2012 to 2015, the Helmholtz Association and the other leading German research organizations – Max Planck, Fraunhofer, and Leibniz – offered a joint partnering platform called Innovation Days.

The format is currently suspended.

A theme was selected each year for the presentations (pitches) of the 40 best technologies and start-up projects from the four organizations:

  • 2015: Life sciences (focus on nutrition & crop science) and physical sciences (focus on photonics & sensor technologies)
  • 2014: Life sciences (focus on biotechnology) and chemical & physical sciences (focus on materials & lightweight construction)
  • 2013: Life sciences (focus on medical technology) and physical sciences (focus on information and communication technologies (ICT) & big data)
  • 2012: Life sciences (focus on pharmaceuticals) and physical sciences & engineering (focus on energy and clean tech)