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PyPSA-Eur is an open model dataset of the European power system at the transmission network level that covers the full ENTSO-E area and is implemented in the PyPSA modeling framework.

PyPSA-Eur is a workflow of scripts that assembles a model for the European power system from open and publicly-available sources. PyPSA-Eur, contains 6001 lines (alternating-current lines at and above 220 kV voltage level and all high-voltage direct-current lines), 3657 substations, a new open database of conventional power plants, time series for electrical demand and variable renewable generator availability, and geographic potentials for the expansion of wind and solar power. The data collection and validation is described in the associated paper.

Open-source available here.

Contact: tom.brown@kit.edu

Source: Hörsch J, Hofmann F, Schlachtberger D and Brown T. PyPSA-Eur: An open optimization model of the European transmission system. Energy Strategy Reviews 2018;22:207-215.

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